Pick Color Support Center!
The refreshingly simple color picker for developers that instantly samples and encodes any color on your screen. Just one quick click to savor the flavor you're set!

Color coding goes down easy with Pick Color. Choose the color model you’re thirsty for, swig a pixel from anywhere on the screen, then hit paste to pour the color’s code into your code editor.

Order Pick Color just the way you like it—customize app and color options with a fine selection of user preferences.

• Select the color format you want to use. Choose from: CSS Hex, CSS3 RGB, Calibrated NSColor for HSB, Calibrated NSColor for RGB, Device NSColor for CMYK, Device NSColor for RGB, UIColor HSB, UIColorRGB, CGColor Generic RGB, and CGColor Generic CMYK.
• Five colors can keep in your history.
• Constantly guzzling colors? Set Pick Color to launch at log-in.

iWord Support Center!
If there is any problems, questions or suggestions, you are more than welcomed to contact us via


PDF Reader Pro Support Center!
Email: zskye@live.com

PDF Filler Support Center
Quickly fill and sign any PDF agreement or form! No need to print & scan!

Running a business requires filling forms and signing agreements over email - that can be a major hassle! Usually it means printing, filling out the details manually, and then scanning your document to PDF... only to find out it's too large to send as an attachment. What if you could do it all on your Mac? No prints, no scans?

◎Add text anywhere in any font and size. The text is added as native PDF text
◎Add your scanned signature, or any other image, with full control of size and orientation
◎ Scribe your signature with the mouse or trackpad using an intuitive signature drawing pad
◎Rotate entire document with 1-click - perfect for handling documents that were scanned in reverse order
◎ Save as new PDF, or Print - up to you
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Paint for Mac Support Center
Paint is a beautiful and easy-to-use image editor . It may help you make images quickly and edit your existing photos.
Once your images are ready, send them to email, print, or save them to popular image formats, or share them with others—just have fun with your pictures.

Paint can open and save to most major image formats, including BMP, PNG, JPEG, TIFF, and GIF. Full support for transparency is available for image formats that support an alpha channel (currently PNGs and GIFs). You can also 

• Draw with Paint as you would on canvas
• Use different brush sizes, shapes,text tool and so much things.
• Open and save images using many other popular formats,including BMP, PNG, JPEG, TIFF, and GIF.
•Full support for transparency is available for image formats that support an alpha channel (currently PNGs and GIFs).
•you can paste images copied from many common Mac applications, including Microsoft Office and Apple iWork.
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Piano Prodigy Support!


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