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PDF Reader Pro Support Center!

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Why won't the edited (marked up) version save with the file name I opened it as? If it stores the SAVED version somewhere else why doesnt it tell me where

How can I use the "underline" and "strike out" function. It seems like it's disabled because I click on it and it doesn't do anything and these two tabs have a lighter shade than the others, as if it were disabled. Thank you.

Just bought this app and it won't even open (pdf reader pro) My operating system is OX 10.6.8

I just downloaded and installed this app, but it won't open. I reported the problem to Apple. Please help!

Protected PDF Document

I cannot open protected PDF documents that require a user and password. I need this ability for my ebooks from school.

does not work in 10.6.8 as advertised

does not work in 10.6.8 as advertised

Protected or secured PDF

Will this app work? I downloaded it for school but my pdf is a secured pdf and it is showing up dark. I need it to read it out loud to me.

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